Robin Chappell will help you create your web site for between $100 and $300. You will have COMPLETE CONTROL over your content with NO HOSTING FEES.  
  All of the sites listed here are hosted by GOOGLE SITES and they are stable, easy to edit, and don't cost a dime! The web address in the browser bar will show that it is a google site, however...  
  You can add YOUR OWN WEB ADDRESS at any point so that your "DOT COM" name is what people see for between $10 to $15 per year. I recommend purchasing your domain name through  
  Google Sites will allow you to MANAGE YOUR OWN CONTENT using an on-line edit program that resembles MS Word. Their web-based interface is very simple and Robin will teach you the basics.  

Call 541-915-8873 to schedule a 2-hour session with Robin. By the end of your session you will have a COMPLETE web site to which you can add more content when you are ready.


The more graphic content you bring to your session, the better, but if you don't have your own graphics or logo, Robin will create needed items for you during you first session at NO EXTRA CHARGE.

  Consider photographs of yourself and your work, and keep in mind that you can easily EMBED VIDEO to show your products or your talents.